ニュージーランド、Dunedin出身。2002年にDunedin College of Educationにて教育学士号を取得。同大学卒業後、日本の大手英会話スクールに就職。数名の仲間と共に奈良に移り住み、5年間講師として勤務。その後、自らの講師としての質を高めるべくTESOL Level4を取得する為、のちの妻と共にオーストラリアへ。そして多摩市に拠点を移し、様々な英会話スクールでさらなる経験を積んだ後、満を持して当Target English Schoolを開校。 

Sam is originally from Dunedin, New Zealand where he completed a Bachelor of Education in 2002. Upon graduating from the Dunedin College of Education he was given the opportunity to work for a large English School in Japan. Himself along with two fellow graduates moved to Nara, Japan where he lived and worked for the next five years. From here Sam and his future wife moved to Australia where he completed a TESOL Level 4 to further enhance his teaching credentials. Upon returning to Japan and settling in Tama Center Sam worked for various English schools before co founding Target English School. Sam has a passion for education and providing high calibre lessons, and is driven to become a better teacher through the success of his students.

His interests include rugby, where he played for a Tenri club team while living in Nara, cooking and running.








Kerstin is from Miami, Florida (USA) where she earned a Bachelor's of Arts in Sociology with a minor in Japanese History & Culture. In Miami, she worked at an art museum for 3 years as the Education Programs Manager. At the museum, she managed children's tours, summer camps, and after school programs. Here, she developed an interest in working with children. 

Kerstin has been living in Japan since 2015 where she worked as an ALT at several elementary schools in Saitama Prefecture. Through this experience, her passion for teaching English grew more profound. She hopes her dedication to teaching will instill confidence in her students' English skills. 

Kerstin's hobbies include salsa dancing, hiking, and cycling. But, what she truly enjoys the most is learning about Japanese culture through language exchange and trying new food.







Sheena is from Miami, Florida (USA) where she earned a Bachelor's of Arts in English with a Minor in Education and continued to earn her TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate. In Miami, she worked at multiple art museums in managerial positions. In 2013 she moved on from museums into the world of art education as a program manager. During this time, she gained experience and an interest in working with children by developing art programs geared toward assisting students in entering competitive art high schools. 

Sheena always had a dream of living and working in Japan, and, through her work in art education, was able to gain the experience needed to make the transition. She hopes her passion and excitement for learning the language and culture of her new home while sharing her culture with her students will encourage them to develop their English skills with confidence. 

Sheena's hobbies include yoga, swing dancing, hiking, and cycling. What she truly enjoys the most is meeting new people and delving deeper into discovering the beauty of Japanese culture and foods.